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Wish I spoke Russian

Even if I cant understand a single word I feel I get the general idea, maybe I`m way off tho:) Excellent animation, great song, the band should really use this as their official video (maybe they do?). Good work!

You can do better

Dont get me wrong, I love this but after having seen your other works a thousand times over I cant help comparing this to spoilsbury and saladfingers. If it was anyone else it would get 10 no doubt but David Firth at his best is much better!! ..sorry:)

You are a fucking genius

Words cannot describe how sick, twisted, original and funny this is! I am pushing this one on all my friends, keep it up!!

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Nice drawings!

Yea, really well drawn graphics, good job. Can`t say I`m a big fan of dress up games myself, i kinda lose interest really fast, but again the various items look wonderful, especially the robotic arm, what can i say, I`m weak for anything cyborg... Also it`s hard not to like when you use my song:), extra points for flattering me...

RSQViper responds:

Hey, cool song, man! I thought it fit well.

Glad you like the dress-up even though you DESPISE THEM! LOL. Well, at least you like the art, right? That's what really matters because when it comes to dress-ups what really matters?

Art and a good song or two or three.

Thanks for the review!

Good game!

Wonderful game! excellent graphics and very catchy! plays smoothly and doesnt get boring! you`ve got mad skills, I`m very impressed.

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Haha! The first time the screen turned I was flabbergasted! Excellent twist on space invaders, god choice of music too.

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Good stuff! really intense, yet quite dynamic for an industrial track.
I`m not sure I`m the one to review your music as it`s a genre I dont listen to very much or know too much about, but in my ears this sounds great. anything you can relate to robots, androids, or anything sci-fi for that matter is alright in my book! keep it coming! and thanks for your extensive and competent review of song, sorry I couldn`t do as good a job on yours:)

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ImperfectDisciple responds:

Well, obviously robots are good in your book :P

-And don't worry about being extensive in your review, if you're having a little trouble there, then that's cool, as long as you like it or have constructive criticism, it works out!

-Yeah, a lot of people don't listen to this genre, this is the closest genre that I'd submit to for this song anyways, but it could be more techno-ish. Meh, it works best in industrial :D

-Yeah, keep a look out, I'm working on another sci-fi-ish song that's...probably techno, not industrial, but that same theme.

-Alright, thanks for the review, and thanks for writing amazing stuff!


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