Entry #3

Album out!

2010-03-11 14:51:44 by UltraSheriff

No new flashes, but our debut album Galactic Fame is out now! You will find it on iTunes, and also on Spotify very soon! Head to our myspace for more info!



Album out!


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2010-04-01 00:17:12

I'd prefer to own an album, sir. Is there any chance I can get it ordered and mailed to where i live in the states? I value solid product and it's a way of having a hard copy. I've never given any of my money to itunes and I'm not about to start just yet. You may yet convince me if I can get it no other way.


2010-04-22 23:54:59

guess I'll just have to buy it off one of these download places. I don't like downloading. It's the same feeling with my games. There was something great about having a box and a manual that some effort went into. I actually had a product and not just code on my computer.


2010-06-04 21:29:09

Bought it.

You should make more animations, you are extremely talented.


2010-08-29 01:38:03

I've got to agree with Pigs. While downloading is easy, it's so easy to lose downloaded music.

But it is very nice music.

I also agree with AT. I keep looking back here for more Ultra Sheriff space combat.


2011-03-24 14:01:22

Had to buy the album! Was visiting your page on myspace just to hear those 4 musics, over and over. Got so addicted that i just had to cooperate with the Artificial Race!

Great album indeed! I also found a few videos on youtube of your live performances and i really enjoyed it! The whole visual effect, from the outfits to the animations working perfectly with each other was just great! Its wonderfull to find creativity of this level amongst music artists nowadays.

When you decide to release a "physical" album, instead of just the downloadable files, ill be sure to buy it as well. Dont forget to include the "remove the police" song in there too heh

10/10 Stars material!