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2009-05-29 05:48:07 by UltraSheriff

welly wells, i just posted my latest video. its mainly intended to be part of our live shows (for my band Ultra Sheriff), as we have a projector running synchronised videoloops of various kinds throughout the show. however, i think it works as a film on its own, so watch if youre interested. as for the song, it is actually much longer, these are just the bits where the cartoon kicks in, as posting a film with abstract visuals and stuff would be quite boring to watch on a computer. it is also our latest song, and its called nemesis. For the full experience, try and see us live, and we will try and come where you live!:)


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2009-05-29 08:45:05

So how much is Flash and how much is After Effects?

UltraSheriff responds:

all the framebyframe animation is flash, along with the stills and most of the backgrounds. it´s all exported separately and put together in after effects, where i also did blurs, color correction, blinking lights etc..


2009-05-29 17:47:26





ive been listening to this nonstop since like 10 am
its now almost 5pm.

you are fuckin amazing you know? haha


2009-05-30 08:36:13

Wow, you're amazing, how you got all this talent is beyond me.
You guys can sing, make music, AND animate.

Honestly, if your first album doesn't go platinum then the world won't make sense anymore.


2009-05-30 17:37:42

Holy fuck dude!

I already know what to nominate for movie of the year!


2009-05-31 00:27:21

i thought posting on your user profile had more chance of you seeing it.

but that was godly dude. major props to that new animation. very very well done. its so stylistically done and a the same time it looks GOOD. not realistic, but close enough.

i'm trying to learn after effects compositing, especially with 3d animation...and 2d. any useful animation tutorials that help explore the techniques you used that you know of?

good luck with that. it's awesome, seriously haha

UltraSheriff responds:

and thank you very much:)
there is a site called which has some interesting stuff, but its more towards motion graphics and special effects. i believe there is a lot to be learned from checking out their forum too.
for what ive used it for in this film, it mainly things i have learned from mates and classmates who know afterfx better than me. also, its important to have a clear idea of what u want to accomplish in afterfx before u start, otherwise its easy to get lost and bogged down on testing every single effect etc..
sorry i cant be of more help, good luck with after effects, its confusing at first but its a really powerful tool!


2009-06-01 09:10:42

amazing job with the video. the one for remove the police was great but this is insane. it goes great with your music.
any chance you guys filmed your first show? i would really like to see it.

UltraSheriff responds:

someone did actually film it, I´m quite curious to see it myself:) if the quality is good we will probably post a video or two on our myspace!


2009-06-01 20:46:04

I had all but given up on Newgrounds, but this is gorgeous. Absolutely perfect in every way, shape, or form, especially on the character animation loops. how long did this take you to make?



2009-06-02 13:36:18

Du, min gode mann, er et flash-geni.


2009-06-03 09:35:18

i still remember "remove the police" that was your first flash, was it not?? glad to see you improved so much and even preform live. congrats


2009-06-05 16:02:01

Kudos for the weekly first! NEMESIS certainly deserved it, it really is very good, and I'll try to keep an eye on you for future animations, as I'll eagerly await what you can come up with next. Cheers!


2009-06-06 05:19:26

du er norsk! kult.......


2009-06-19 13:01:28

jævla bra!